Running a business as an intuitive coach or intuitive-led entrepreneur means you’re in touch with your inner guidance, creating a path toward success based on your own unique vision. It really is a blend of intuition, creativity and practicality, but sometimes, the practical aspects can feel overwhelming. How do we bring our big visions into reality?

That’s where soulful business systems and strategies come in and I am so happy to share that I am co-creating a beautiful, heart-centred collaboration between with Intuition Coach Amanda Nicole. Our mission is to help soul-led business owners harness their intuition and reclaim their time without experiencing fatigue and burnout. In this special episode zero, we’re excited to introduce ourselves, our guiding statement, and our vision for our YouTube channel and video cast we’re co-creating, the Soulful Systems Series.

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Our Guiding Statement: Freeing Up Space and Time

Our core guiding statement is to help you reclaim your time and space, and we believe this is crucial for heart-centered, soul-led entrepreneurs. When we came together on social media, we felt a deep resonance in the desire to liberate time for creative and intuitive expression.

We’ve experienced the struggles that intuitive entrepreneurs face, the challenge of managing a business that’s teeming with creative ideas and downloads. How do you keep the momentum going and prevent burnout? Our shared vision for Soulful Systems revolves around answering these questions.

The Bridge Between Intuition and Systems

We bring a unique blend of skills to this community. I offer practical insights into social media and systems, while Amanda dives deep into intuition and the flow of ideas. Together, we’re your bridge between the two worlds, helping you build a business that’s both sustainable and spiritually aligned.

We call this approach “Soulful Systems.” It’s about integrating the practical aspects of business systems with intuitive, soulful elements. This holistic perspective ensures that your business and your personal well-being thrive together.

Building a Sustainable Business: Overcoming Intuitive Entrepreneur Traps

Intuitive entrepreneurs often find themselves in a challenging spot where they feel their businesses might not be sustainable. This is where Soulful Systems comes in. We’ll address the pitfalls and challenges of being an intuitive entrepreneur, guiding you to build a thriving and sustainable business model that doesn’t leave you feeling fatigued.

Our intention is to create a community where you can see real-time growth, real discussions about our business strategies, and practical tips you can implement in your own business. We want to share our journey, not just the highlights, so you can learn from our experiences and see the progress as it unfolds.

Why Intuition Matters in Business

Intuitive entrepreneurs have a distinctive approach. They trust their instincts and inner wisdom, often leading to fresh ideas and deep connections with their audience. But it can also mean treading uncharted waters, which can be challenging.

This is where we come into play, offering the assistance you need to combine your intuition with the nuts and bolts of running a business.

The Soulful Systems Difference

Soulful Systems is not just creative virtual assistance or coaching, it’s a community. A place where intuitive entrepreneurs come together for growth and real, authentic conversations. We openly share their own entrepreneurial journey, both the challenges and the successes, making their content relatable and down-to-earth.

You can find our insights not just on Instagram but also on YouTube, where we are all about transparency and authenticity. No perfectly curated highlights here—just genuine, unfiltered content about our own business experiences.

Connect with Soulful Systems Today

If you’re an intuitive coach or a business owner looking for a virtual assistant who gets you, or if you want guidance to tap into your intuition and lead your business with heart, we’re here to help, guide, and support you on your journey.

Feel free to ask us questions, share your thoughts, and engage with us on our Youtube, Instagram or join our Facebook group. We’re excited to continue on this journey with you, and help you create a business that thrives.

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