In 2023, I chose “FREEDOM” as my guiding word – the freedom to act, to be. This is more than a concept; it’s a core value in my business. As spring blossomed, I found myself reflecting on the past nine months, assessing how I’ve lived this vision. The energy of renewal in spring sparked introspection about what I want to cultivate in the upcoming cycle.

I’ve had significant achievements, especially in setting boundaries in my work and curbing my people-pleasing tendencies. I’m particularly proud of how I’ve revitalised my business, now in its fifth year, during the summer of 2022/2023. The wonderful people I’ve started working with and the robust foundations I’ve laid for my business and myself are testaments to this growth.

However, there are areas ripe for improvement. Take my late-night dives into BookTok, deliberating whether to read “The Assassin’s Blade” or “Throne of Glass” first (I chose the former and am delighted with my decision).

Beyond business, I’ve pondered over how I want my holiday break to feel, both personally and as a family unit. After the September school holidays, I yearned for more time and space to simply exist. To be with my family, with myself, to enjoy a good book under the sun, feet grounded on the earth, whilst still maintaining a connection to my business.

This led me to question how I could create more space, more time, and more ease in my life and business. What brings me joy? How can I experience more of it? What possibilities could this open up? What an exciting adventure!

From these reflections, I started implementing intentional actions and changes. As a social media strategist and manager with perfectionist tendencies, this meant periodically taking mini social media breaks, or “sabbaticals,” as I fondly call them.

My first sabbatical was over a long weekend at the end of September (which is right on Grand Final time for those not in Victoria, Australia). Not being a football fan, I saw it as a chance to reconnect with myself, my husband, and our children. Initially, it was challenging to step away from creating and sharing content. But once I deleted the apps, a sense of calm and an abundance of time, space, and creativity emerged. I was enthralled. In the week that followed, I devoured two books, leading to a total of 17 books in the following 9 weeks. I found I was able to create and illustrate with far more ease than before, and, although “productivity” increase wasn’t a goal- it certainly was a by product of having a clear hear and a filled cup.

So, how do I ensure that stepping away from social media doesn’t mean disconnecting from my business? It’s all about the right foundations and support:

  1. Update Bios: Letting my audience know where they can find me.
  2. Auto-Responders: Keeping communication channels open.
  3. Alternate Contact Methods: Directing people to email or my website.
  4. Intentional Planning: Deciding when and how my breaks will happen.
  5. Purposeful Breaks: Contemplating the purpose and sensory experiences of my sabbatical.
  6. Community Engagement: Exploring different ways to stay connected, like email, Substack, blogging, in-person meetings, my Youtube and more.
  7. Strategic Planning for Service-Based Business: Adjusting contracts, onboarding clients before the time away from socials, and planning for a quieter season in general.

And for those worried about content continuity during a sabbatical, remember: delegation, automation, and outsourcing are your friends. Can you schedule content in advance, assign tasks to team members, or hire a social media manager or virtual assistant? These are crucial supports for your business (Thinking about your own sabbatical and need someone to support your business to run while you take a break? Let’s connect).

What I’m most excited about this summer is the SPACE. The freedom from social media – physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically – and the possibilities that might unfold.

Would you ever consider a social media sabbatical? What thoughts or feelings does this idea evoke for you? Let’s chat about it.

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