Season 1, Episode 2

Strategic Rest: Integrating downtime into your business model

In this episode of “Soulful Strategies™ with Kathleen Amy,” Kathleen talks about the concept of strategic rest and its critical role in enhancing productivity, creativity, and well-being in the business realm.

Learn why strategic rest is not just a “break” but a vital component of a successful business strategy for sustainable growth and creativity

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About This Episode

In This Episode:

  • Understanding Strategic Rest: Discover what strategic rest is and how it differs from mere downtime. Learn about its significance in ensuring optimal functioning, encompassing mental, emotional, and spiritual rejuvenation, and why it’s essential for both individuals and businesses.
  • Benefits of Strategic Rest: Explore the multiple benefits of strategic rest, including improved problem-solving abilities, enhanced memory consolidation and learning, boosted creativity, and overall well-being. Understand how strategic rest can lead to higher satisfaction and increase productivity.
  • Implementing Strategic Rest: Gain insights into practical ways to integrate strategic rest into your daily business routine, from short mindfulness breaks to significant offline periods, and how these practices can lead to a more balanced and effective approach to work and life.


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Who’s This Podcast For?

Soulful Strategies™ caters to forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners keen on integrating deep, intuitive insights with practical, actionable strategies. Ideal for creatives enhancing problem-solving skills, leaders aiming to develop positive organisational cultures, or entrepreneurs incorporating mindfulness into strategic planning.

Expect Deep Dives Into:

  • Techniques like strategic rest and creative planning.
  • Intuitive decision-making tailored to enhance both your business and personal growth.
  • All tailored to the season (literal and metaphorical!) 

Kathleen’s Origin Story

From a teacher burnt out by the system, to launching her business while embracing motherhood, to navigating the solo business landscape, Kathleen’s journey emphasises working in harmony with life’s rhythms—a central theme of this podcast.

What’s Next?

Prepare for weekly episodes every Wednesday, aligned with the southern hemisphere’s seasons (with a break in between!) These will feature strategic insights, personal anecdotes, and soulful reflections to enrich your entrepreneurial journey.

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